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Faber Castell 183801 grip triple colored sharpener ..

Faber Castell 183801 grip triple colored sharpener ..
Faber Castell 183801 grip triple colored sharpener ..
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The cheerful colors of the triangular scraper with a GRIP Trio container also attract attention when they add color to a student's bag, or when they are on a professional desk. GRIP container sharpeners are equally easy to use and practical: the three different openings (for toner pencils, crayons and jumbo-sized pencils) ensure an ideal nose scratch for writing, sketching or painting. Whichever way the pencil is used, the nose is completely protected from breakage, while thanks to the spacious container of the sharpener you can be creative in your work, without worrying about when you will empty it. Triple sharpener with a container for toner pencils and wood paints in regular and jumbo sizes, Ergonomic triangular shape, Large container for scratches, Color blue Faber Castell triple

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