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Model: 5901276087137
Elementary backpack trolley with 2 cases frozen..
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Model: 5204549084261
gim elementary oval bag mickey sports 340-71031GIM MUNICIPAL OVAL BAG MICKEY SPORTS Elementary backpack with Mickey Mouse Me illustration illustration in shades of green, red and blue. central pockets and a smaller one on the front, all closed with zippers. In addition, two side pockets with elastic..
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Model: 5204549103672
gim elementary oval bag minnie 340-57031Gim Primary oval bag Minnie Large backpack with many places for school or for your activities with the Disney Minnie Mouse. It has three places that close with large zippers and a smaller one in front. For more space it has two side cases for carrying a hermit..
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Model: 5204549090057
gim elementary oval bag minnie love label 340-66031Elementary Oval bag Dimensions: 46.5 x 30 x 14 cm · Material Construction: Woven fabrics Volume (Capacity): 19.53 lt Weight700 gr..
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