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Brand: SuperBrand Model: 9789604401970
released by microcosmos the series I play and learn in this book our little heroes through the simple rhythmic texts on each page will discover a new color..
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Brand: SuperBrand Model: 9789608288737
the book A-B 1-2 go to kindergarten is addressed to children of age 4-6 includes workshets from the thematic unitstaught in kindergarten..
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Brand: SuperBrand Model: 9789608288744
This book is aimed at children aged 3.5-5 and includes worksheets from the basic topics taught in kindergarten. all topics in a playful and fun way making learning enjoyable..
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Brand: SuperBrand Model: 9789608288751
This book is aimed at 3-4 year olds and includes worksheets from the basic topics taught in kindergarten. the ability to develop the necessary skills by combining learning with creation..
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Brand: SuperBrand Model: 9789608582941
through the publications is released the series of tips of the little wolf with the book Danger and talks about how you can avoid accidents at home..
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Brand: SuperBrand Model: 9786185261207
The series Diogenis the dog of Merope Vlachos is published by Varfi and is illustrated by Dimitris Nikolaidis and contains a cd..
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It is a book that refers to the diversity of each person's character and how parents make mistakes because even twins to be like the characters in this wonderful tale have different personalities..
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Euclid And The Secret In The Basement Euclid is an ordinary 11-year-old boy who loves mathematics,2η edition..
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discover the world of emotions that come to life in the pages of this amazing book..
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Brand: SuperBrand Model: 9786185033736
The Opal of Fire "deals with one of the most burning issues, which concerns young and old, the relationship of children with their parents and vice versa. It also promotes mutual understanding, communication and acceptance between family, as well as children and adolescents towards their peers...
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I also have issues with my father, do not think that you are the only one ... "Andreas said suddenly. Fotis looked at him in surprise, but without answering him, wanting to hear the sequel.Giorgos Theofanous-The Titans And The Triple Seal Of The Six Hands fairy tales..
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Brand: SuperBrand Model: 9789608288782
This book is aimed at children aged 5-6 years and can be used by both parents and teachers for children attending kindergarten. In this book they will have the opportunity to express themselves, learn about the planetary system and make a historical review of telecommunications media to this day..
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